Can you tell me more about the prize drawings for my child?

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Every new patient will receive a Jackson Pediatric t-shirt. When they wear it on the day that they are scheduled to come back in for their next apt (hygiene appointment or treatment) they are entered into the prize drawing. We draw one name at the end of the semester for a big prize. It's that easy!


What is a pediatric dentist?

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In addition to holding a D.D.S. degree, a pediatric dentist has also completed several years of additional training focused on serving infants and children, including those with special needs. Not only are they prepared to address the unique dental needs of children, but also they are trained to address any issues that could cause future dental problems when a child reaches adulthood. Pediatric dentists lay the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Dr. Jackson has significant training in these areas.


What age should my child start going to the dentist?

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A child should visit the dentist when his or her first tooth comes in. Dr. Jackson will examine the supportive structures of your child's mouth to ensure that the first stages of development are on track and to help you get in the habit of proper home care and regular dental visits for your little one.


Why are primary baby teeth important?

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It may seem that primary, or baby, teeth are not important since they are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, yet they serve many important functions. Their presence promotes normal development of the jaws and muscles. Additionally, primary teeth save space for the permanent teeth, eventually guiding them into the correct position in the arch. Necessary treatment of primary teeth should not be ignored simply because the tooth will eventually be replaced. Infections caused by neglected baby teeth can damage the developing permanent tooth and can potentially lead to more severe health concerns.


Is fluoride safe?

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Administered in the correct doses, fluoride is not only safe, but also can decrease the rate of tooth decay by strengthening and/or re-mineralizing the teeth. Nevertheless, fluoride-containing products should be kept out of reach of children. Too much fluoride can cause fluorosis of developing teeth – a condition denoted by white or brown discoloration.

Fluoride comes from multiple sources, including for example, toothpaste, drinking water, baby formula, infant cereal, infant chicken products, and certain juices. Informing your pediatric dentist of your child's sources of fluoride is important so they can make accurate recommendations for either increasing or decreasing your child's fluoride intake. In fact, if your home does not receive city water, we may recommend testing the fluoride level of your water.


Are radiographs/X-rays safe?

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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that, "Radiographs are valuable aids in the oral healthcare of infants, children, adolescents, and persons with special healthcare needs. They are used to diagnose oral diseases and to monitor dentofacial development and the progress of therapy." Dentists are unable to diagnose what they cannot see, and the risks from undetected dental problems outweighs the risk associated with exposure to dental radiographs. Dental radiographs use a very small amount of radiation to get the image your dentist needs to ensure good health. Additionally, Dr. Jackson utilizes digital radiographs, which use even less radiation than traditional X-rays, and they provide an instant image that can be saved electronically in our system. We will be very conscientious about minimizing the exposure of your child to radiation, which includes the use of proper shielding with lead aprons.


Are parents welcome in the treatment room with their child?

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Yes! In fact, we prefer that you accompany your child. However, please make arrangements so that any siblings are not present. We want to give each patient the focused attention he or she deserves!